Topics of Interest Include but are not Limited to:

  • Explainability of machine learning models based on semantics/ontologies
  • Exploiting semantics/ontologies for explainable/traceable recommendations
  • Explanations based on semantics/ontologies in the context of decision making/decision support systems
  • Semantic user modelling for personalized explanations
  • Design criteria for explainability-supporting ontologies
  • Dialogue management and natural language generation based on semantics/ontologies
  • Visual explanations based on semantics/ontologies
  • Multi-modal explanations using semantics/ontologies
  • Interactive/incremental explanations based on semantics/ontologies
  • Ontological modeling of explanations and user profiles
  • Real-world applications and use cases of semantic/ontologies for explanation generation
  • Approaches to human expertise/knowledge capture for use in semantic/ontology based explanation generation